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    On October 24, 2014, Walt Disney World officials confirmed the rumor that has been around for years, the massive Sorcerer Mickey Hat is being removed from Disney's Hollywood Studios. Installed in 2001 as part of the "100 Years of Magic" celebration that marked Walt Disney's 100th birthday, the giant blue hat served as the park's icon for more than 10 years. No date has been given to when the hat will be removed other than "early 2015." There's also no word on if the hat will be replaced, destroyed or moved. Although many long-time fans of the park are happy about this news, other fans are still sad to see it go.

    In addition, it's been revealed that The Legend of Captain Jack Sparrow, which opened less than 2 years ago, will be closing. The…

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    J Fan

    Arr! Feast your eyes on the latest of Pirates of the Caribbean 5, mateys!

    Recent whisperings and rumors seem to confirm that the fifth installment will be starting production soon and, as posted a few months back, is currently set to be released on July 7, 2017. Pirates of the Caribbean 5 will be produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and directed by Joachim Rønning and Espen Sandberg.

    What other news is there? Let's see...

    Pre-production starting?
    Though production is a fairly long time away, with shooting to begin early 2015, there are several signs that the latest adventure is moving forward. The first is a Twitter post made by producer Jerry Bruckheimer:

    Had a great meeting with Pirates costume designer Penny Rose yesterday. Exciting to see everything …

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    J Fan

    Hello/Goodbye POTC Wiki!

    September 21, 2014 by J Fan

    On your computer screen stands one of many fandoms of a popular Disney franchise. Pirates of the Caribbean Wiki, at least 2 thousand pages full of content (including images and videos) were made under the name of the series of the same name. Among the contributors is I, J Fan, who has been held up to you as the shining example of trueheartedness to the Pirates series. You have been supplied with a false idol, and not just because (as I may have mentioned here and there) having first watched The Curse of the Black Pearl in late 2006 - months before Dead Man's Chest went on DVD. Let me tell you the purpose of this post.

    Many who have lurked, er I mean did their research, know that I have been on POTC Wiki for over 4 years now. In that time, I am …

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    Ever since Shanghai Disneyland's Treasure Cove was announced a few months back, there has been doubt that the fifth Pirates of the Caribbean installment is happening...a doubt, I'm afraid, that is ongoing to this day. In recent interviews, Disney executives Bob Iger and Alan Horn maintain (in separate occasions) that the fifth film has not yet been given the greenlight, saying there is no screenplay ready to be signed off.

    Nevertheless, there is not much worry for Pirates fans. Praising directors Joachim Rønning and Espen Sandberg (who are still attached to direct), Johnny Depp has stated that he was invited in to collaborate with screenwriter Jeff Nathanson to bring a "fresh and very different" Pirates film. Depp said he has high hopes for the …

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    Ahoy, Pirates fans! On my journeys through the worldwide web, I happened to look on upon the official Pirates of the Caribbean Facebook page and found this post. The post in question links to an "Oh My Disney" post made in honor of the popular character we know as James Norrington. I read the post myself and thought it was a fitting tribute to the character, and felt obliged to share it here, where hopefully it gets more attention.

    From the films themselves to even behind the scenes, Norrington has been given good word on his character. On the DVD commentary of The Curse of the Black Pearl, the screenwriters revealed who the better swordsmen (in that particular film) Norrington was equally matched with Hector Barbossa, with Will Turner being the…

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