• Hugues de Payens

    I don't think "The Price of Freedom" is canon.

    If we are going of of the Jack Sparrow and the Legends of the Brethren Court series, it doesn't fit.

    Not that it's a bad book. I'm a huge fan of the POTC series and the small details get to me.

    (For example in the fourth movie when Captain Jack called Teague dad. In everything else, even though it is heavily implied that he is his father, they never explicitly state they are father and son. That kind of ruined the movie for me.)

    Back to the book.

    In "The Price of Freedom" the Brethren Court summons Davy Jones, and Captain Jack doesn't recognize him. The scene tells us that this was the first time Captain Jack saw Jones.

    But if we are going off of the Jack Sparrow series, Captain Jack met Davy Jones …

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