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  • HephaestusThePrivateer

    Ahoy maties! I would like if in Pirates 5 Barbossa had his Pirate Sword and Pistol back. It really symbolizes him, and who he is. Every time I think of Barbossa, I think of his pirate sword and pistol. So what do you think, eh? Should the old sword return? Or should Barbossa continue to use the Sword of Triton.

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  • HephaestusThePrivateer

    Ahoy maties! I just want to know of your opinion. Since the Black Pearl and Queen Anne's Revenge arew both played by the Sunset, do you think that Barbossa will become 2nd captain of the Black Pearl again? Or will the Revenge be played by a barge? Tell me your thoughts.

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  • HephaestusThePrivateer

    Ahoy maties! Here be some of me ideas for what I want to happen in the fifth film. I just read on Wikipedia that it's called Beyond the Seas World. True or False, don't know.

    But here are my hopes. And ideas. These aren't real so don't post comments saying things like 'This is one very big fanfic' or 'False!'

    So I would like it if the British, Barbossa and Jack, and the Spanish race to find Atlantis and claim the lost treasure. But they all get there, and find a surprise: Triton.

    Read and enjoy. Savy?

    Captain Jack Sparrow

    Joshamee Gibbs

    Captain Hector Barbossa

    Captain Edward Teague




    Cotton's Parrot

    Jack The Monkey




    Tai Huang

    Tai Huang's Men

    Prison Dog








    The Spaniard

    Lord H…

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