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  • HephaestusThePrivateer

    Ahoy there maties? I just be wondering which Pirate Lord ye think ye be most like. I think I'm a combination of Barbossa and Jack. But what about ye maties? Tell me which Pirate Lord (or Lords) ye think ye be most like. And if ye feel like an explanation, give me a few reasons. Thank ye fer reading. Fair winds!

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  • HephaestusThePrivateer

    Ahoy there maties! I'm back online at PotC Wikia again, and will be for a while again. If you see my user page, you'll see that I have removed the paragraph saying I would be inactive in the future. Thank ye fer reading. Fair Winds!

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  • HephaestusThePrivateer

    Here be me ideas for the next film. Forget the first blog post, those ideas are now outdated. I'm showing you the characters, the ships, and the plot summary. Read and enjoy maties!

    • Captain Jack Sparrow
    • Captain Hector Barbossa
    • Joshamee Gibbs
    • Captain Edward Teague
    • Angelica
    • The Spaniard
    • Francisco Pizarro
    • Pintel
    • Raggeti
    • Mullroy
    • Murtogg
    • Marty
    • Cotton
    • Cotton's Parrot
    • Prison Dog
    • Scrum
    • Garheng
    • Salaman
    • Cabin Boy
    • Ezekiel
    • Lord High Admiral Wentworth Rothwell of the British Royal Navy
    • King George II
    • Ensign John Grimm (Ensign of the Birtish Royal Navy who deserts and joins the crew of the Black Pearl)
    • LaFitte (Old friend of Barbossa who joins his crew. Also and expert cartographer, he lives in a small rambleshack cottage on Port Royal)

    Black Pearl (Out of the bottle from the f…

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  • HephaestusThePrivateer

    Does anyone know the Pirates 5 releasing date? Kevin McNally said it was spring 2013, but is that true?

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  • HephaestusThePrivateer

    Ahoy again maties! One of me friends thinks that because Barbossa know has the Sword of Triton and the Queen Anne's Revenge, he'll be an antagonist in the next film. Like the next Davy Jones. What do ye think eh? Personally I think Barbossa will continue to be Jack's friend. But what's your opinion? Tell me.

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