The title says it all, now that POTCO is closed, should it be considered non-canon? I would say: no. Here is my reasonig:

  1. The no-shooting-living-people rule. 
  2. The fact that no one has mentioned Jolly Roger or his army.
  3. How Jack became a pirate lord. It is nowhere mentioned you can be booted out. And with Sao Feng's line (The only reason i would want Jack Sparrow back from the land of the dead is so I COULD SEND HIM BACK MYSELF!!!!'")  makes me wonder why they would think Jack would be a better choice.
  4. How the Queen Anne's Revenge is sunk in this but back from the depths in On Stranger Tides.
  5. How Jack Sparrow takes over the Revenge in this but Blackbeard never mentions this.
  6. Where was Blackbeard in the first place?

So what do you think? Do you think POTCO is canon or not? If the former, can you explain in-universe the things that are on this list? Tell me below.