Today i will talk about some very offputting, unusual, and strage things about Pirates of the Caribbean: The Complete Visual Guide.

  1. Legend has it that Captain Jack Sparrow has not blood, but water through his veins. Those pirates where a superstitious, cowardly lot. 
  2. Appearently, by the time of Curse of the Black PearlPort Royal has had some trouble with the sewage system.
  3. Govenor Weatherby Swann isn't a good leader of Jamaica, as he is said not to have the skill. I'm no expert, but things seemed fine until Jack showed up.
  4. Barbossa had romantic intrest in Elizabeth, witch is weird anyway you slice it. 
  5. He also won his gun in a fight with a spanish pirate, whitch isn't as offputting as it is unusual.
  6. More on the not-as-offputting-as-strange, Pintel & Ragetti used to be members of the Royal Navy. I mean it's not like they would hire idi-oh,right.
  7. The skulls on Pelegosto Island are used for cups and candles.
  8. Tia Dalma was charmed by the appearence of Will Turner, witch is kind of offputting if you remember that she is Calypso, knowing she isn't good at releationships.
  9. Ragetti wanted to use Dalma's eyes to replace his own. anyone with half a brain would know that that's nonsense.
  10. The crew of the Flying Dutchman cannot be killed, witch has been shown not to bee true

That was just to page 69 out of 93. These  are lot of strange things. What do you think? 

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