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             Today i was online looking at POTC news, and I stumbled upon a little website called "Cinema Blend." This site deals with news coming from upcoming movies, such as Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Avengers: Infinity War, Batman V.Superman: Dawn of Justice, and of course, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. In an interesting move, Cinema Blend claimed that they had a synopsis for the fifth POTC film. Here is the article: This Is What Pirates Of The Caribbean 5 Is Actually Going To Be About

         According to the synopsis, Captain Jack Sparrow is down on his luck after the events of On Stranger Tides, and gets caught up in a plot to kill all Pirates on the sea. The main villain is an old associate of Jack's named " Captain …

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    Did you know...

    April 25, 2014 by TheWarrior29


    • Jack's "bring me that horizon" at the end of Black Pearl  was ab-libbed by Johnny Depp.
    • If the statistics are to be believed, At World's End  would be the most expensive film to be produced with a budget of $300 million.
    •  Disney execs (and fans of the theme park ride) freaked out on reports that Depp was getting his teeth capped with numerous gold teeth and piercings for movie. Depp's way of handling this was to take out the offending accessories when the Disney handlers complained... and then put them right back on as soon as they walked away
    •  Scenes were left out of At World's End which establish that, if the captain of the Flying Dutchman has someone to come home to at the end of his ten years, he can vacate the post to another. 
    • The Que…
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    Today i will talk about some very offputting, unusual, and strage things about Pirates of the Caribbean: The Complete Visual Guide.

    1. Legend has it that Captain Jack Sparrow has not blood, but water through his veins. Those pirates where a superstitious, cowardly lot. 
    2. Appearently, by the time of Curse of the Black Pearl, Port Royal has had some trouble with the sewage system.
    3. Govenor Weatherby Swann isn't a good leader of Jamaica, as he is said not to have the skill. I'm no expert, but things seemed fine until Jack showed up.
    4. Barbossa had romantic intrest in Elizabeth, witch is weird anyway you slice it. 
    5. He also won his gun in a fight with a spanish pirate, whitch isn't as offputting as it is unusual.
    6. More on the not-as-offputting-as-strange, Pi…
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    Today i will  talk about some things Disney needs to bring back for Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.

    1. Captain Jack Sparrow, obviously. 
    2. Penelope Cruz as Angelica. You don't set something up like that and just forget it. It is a major plothole.
    3. Joshamee Gibbs. What is a Captain without a First Mate?
    4. The Black Pearl, in all it's glory. 
    5. The Motley Crew, if possible. These guys where the ones who got the job done. Besides, with the Black Pearl back, we need a crew.

    I have two different blog posts for new stuff, so i only brought up stuff that could return. Is there anything you want to see? Tell me below. 

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    The title says it all, now that POTCO is closed, should it be considered non-canon? I would say: no. Here is my reasonig:

    1. The no-shooting-living-people rule. 
    2. The fact that no one has mentioned Jolly Roger or his army.
    3. How Jack became a pirate lord. It is nowhere mentioned you can be booted out. And with Sao Feng's line (The only reason i would want Jack Sparrow back from the land of the dead is so I COULD SEND HIM BACK MYSELF!!!!'")  makes me wonder why they would think Jack would be a better choice.
    4. How the Queen Anne's Revenge is sunk in this but back from the depths in On Stranger Tides.
    5. How Jack Sparrow takes over the Revenge in this but Blackbeard never mentions this.
    6. Where was Blackbeard in the first place?

    So what do you think? Do you th…

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