So, we all know there will be 5th movie but I saw on IMDb "Pirates of the Caribbean 6". I don't know did someone announced 6th movie but IMDb doesn't lie, right? I read everything but couldn't find any names on IMDb page, than I searched on Google about Pirates 6 but couldn't find anything official. I really do hope there will be 6th movie but I don't believe in this so I thought why don't I ask fellow pirates if they heard something.

So, if you have some informations or something interesting - leave me message in bottle right below :)

I added this later: I just want to use this post to ask you what do you think what is 5th movie going to be about. We had cursed pirates, Flying Dutchman, War Against Piracy, Blackbeard, Jolly Roger in game, zombies, mermaids... What is left? :)

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