So, Jeff Nathanson... Is that confirmed? Is he really going to do the script for P5? I must say, I don't have faith in him... Well, yes, I liked "The Terminal", it's a great movie in its category. But do you remember what he did to Indiana Jones??? We can't have that on Pirates! Imagine how would Jack look if he was married! That's very wrong. I have never thought Indiana Jones would get married and have a child but it happened when Jeff Nathanson wrote the story.

It's funny because we had discussion about captain Jack's son and we metioned Indiana Jones and now I read "Variety" and find out that the man who (sorry if I'm wrong but this is my oppinion) ruinned Indiana Jones franchise is hired to do the script for P5.

If anyone has some information that is confirmed please share! And also share how you feel about totally new guy writing P5!

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