'Ello there, mates! Sorry I haven't write so long but I've been busy and I didn't know what to write about. So, I am, as you know, true fan of PotC although I'm not able to see the ride (except on YouTube, so sad, eh?) or to collect books. And as true fan I analyse every move, every look, every sentence of all characters in PotC movies.

Yesterday I was thinking about Isla de Muerta (I like to recreate scenes from movies (PotC movies) in my head, weird, I know :D ) and I thought: "What was Jack's real plan?!" And now I ask you. If someone knows what was Jack's real plan in Isla de Muerta (I mean plan before starting the duel with Barbossa and the battle between cursed crew and Norrington's men) please write in comment! If you have some theory about it - write in comment! If you have some good joke, not related to the subject - again, write in comment!

I talked with one of my closest friends who is big fan of PotC too and she said: "Jack reads people very good, the battle was his plan!" and we had huge squabble about that. I sad I don't believe Jack would send immortal pirates on "Dauntless" when he knew Elizabeth was there. And what are Norrington and his men doing in the long-boats in front of Isla de Muerta? Shouldn't that they be on "Dauntless"? And why didn't they open fire on Pintel and Raggeti, I mean they didn't know pirates were cursed, right? I don't know if you get what I mean, it's my English, sorry...

Anyhow, if you have some ideas about Battle of Isla de Muerta, please share. It's one of my favorite battles (aren't they all?).

Also, I want to share a piece of information about The Lone Ranger. I know it's not related to any of these but you should know it and I don't want to write new blog because it's just a little thing.

We were all sorry because Hans Zimmer won't compose the music for the movie, right? Well, it seems like Jack White didn't do really good job with midi music so Jerry and Gore hired Zimmer to compose music! Isn't that great?! I'm so happy. This movie will be awesome!!! Can't wait July! I just wonder why is Zimmer always second choice? :D

And I wonder how will he make the music on time. He has 7 months and 10 days untill the premiere. And he has some other work for this and next year too.

Anyways, thanks for reading, I'll be sure to read your comments tomorrow (it's night in my time zone so I'm going to bed now).