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  • Captaingoldvane2

    With the new OST Music Expansion, I think a category is needed to help. It will help users find the pages, and it will seperate them from other musical pages.

    Right now all we have is "Real World Music". How are we going to find all the pages that are for the tracks of OST? There are so many, and we really need a category.

    Sysops/Admins, please consider this.

    I have decided to help Cjohnston079 with all the pages, and I am having problems finding all the pages to the tracks.

    ~ Cap'n Richard Goldvane

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  • Captaingoldvane2

    Hello! As you probably all know, there are badges on the website for Potc! I was wondering if anyone could help me? There is a new set of badges that have totally STUMPED me.

    I need help with getting:

    • The "Greek Fire" Badge
    • The "Loving Daughter" Badge
    • All of the "Finish the Adventure" Badges
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  • Captaingoldvane2

    Click the link, mate! Savvy?

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