Well my theology exam is tomorrow so what better way to perpare for that than to talk about Pirates 5!

Ladies and gentlemen, scoundrels and swashbucklers, I believe the new directors will be a boon to the Pirates franchise. Before I continue, watch the trailer of their work Kon-Tiki in the link below:

Now I was blown away while witnessing a few of these scenes, particularly ones on the beach an in the open ocean. Also, the part with the sharks gave me chills! Imagine having Jack Sparrow or Angelica in that situation; it'll surely being a memorable part of the film.

Additonally, the movie seems to have a sense of adventure, harkening to something like Robinson Crusoe or The Swiss Family Robinson, perfect for any Pirate movie.

What might put some fans on edge is that there seems to be a little humor in the trailer. While I haven't seen the movie, it's safe to assume it is more of a dramatic-thriller than a slapstick comedy. While some fans might not like the idea of having a more serious and mature, I think this is what the series needs.

In the first film, arguably the most succussful (critically speaking), was so successful beacuse of the dark subject matter it covered and the philosopies it preached. A curse that can turn pirates into skeletons? Can an outlaw still be a good man? The combination of dark and thought provoking content mixed with comedic wit made the movie an enjoyable and classic film to watch.

Now the sequels weren't bad but they did rely to much on the jokes. We didn't need to have Jack sputter out jests every scene. Some critics argue that the comedy disrupted the story, an arguement I can understand.

Now I'm a big fan of the comedy in the franchise. It is written well, the actors can pull it off with good timing and Depp is a master at improve. But, it would be cool to have the writing to be more grounded and not have the audience come just to see some silly slapstick but a real adventure film and I think directors Sandberg and Ronning are the right men for the jobs.

Also, it is important to point out that the director's dramatic style might be able to comabt with Nathanson wacky, slapstick writing making the film have a good balance.

But my opinion means squat, compare to my crew! What do you think of Sandberg and Ronning? Are they up to the task? Or do they lack the skills to direct a box office film. It is certainly weird to have such realitivly new directors direct such an establish series.

Sound off below!

P.S. Check out the interview with the directors in the link below. They seem to be cool guys!

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