There has been a lot of talk about what will be the next villian. I'm wondering what will be the next treasure? So far we seen the Black Pearl, the Dead Man's Chest, Calypso and the Fountain of Youth. I'm excited to find out whats next.

So I'm asking you mates, what treasure do you want to see go after in Pirates 5? Of course we know Jack is after the Pearl again but by now we know it is not always that simple. He might have to pick up some enchanted treasure along the way.

I'll start off. I think the treasure for Pirates 5 should be... the Jolly Roger. I'm not talking about the villian, I'm talking about the Jolly Roger that has been guiding us down the rides for 45 years and on our DvD options. You know, 'to late to alter course now maties!' Perhaps that skull would know how to unenchant the Pearl and bring her back and also get rid of Angelica and that pesky voodoo doll. I really want him to make an apperence.

What about you? I look forward to hearing your responses!

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