New faces be appearing over the waters....

Jerry Bruckheimer is getting friendly with a new UK actress and no her name is not Keria Knightly. Her name is Ruth Wilson. She has starred on a few televison and stage roles but is mostly known for her upcoming performance in the Lone Ranger.

Why should you care about her? Well, in Hollywood it is all about connections. So after the Lone Ranger, Bruckheimer might just want to put her in Pirates 5. If he does that more power to him. Pirates of the Caribbean needs some fresh faces and also some more female leads. Sure, one could say Penelope Cruz already has enough femininity in the film as Angelica and that tough, bad***, she-pirate can get repetitive (Angelica, Elizabeth Swann, Arabella Smith, Anamaria etc.) but perhaps she can play a dasmel in distress, a cliche but acceptable role for any young actress.

Of course this is just a theroy and you can hear more about Ruth Wilson and the intresting Knightly/Bruckheimer relationship here

So which fresh face do you want to see in Pirates 5? Some young, somewhat-undiscovered talent (Sam Claflin) or an older, more well-known actor (Ian McShane)? Yet your choice be known below!

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