Ahoy pirates, bucceneers, rovers, rascals, scallywags and sea gypies! I hope your summers are hot and the waters are fair! Now I would like to begin by apologizing for me brief and unexpected absence. I took one of those spur of the moment vacations that left me a a littler richer and a whole lot more wiser. Now that I'm back I'm glad to start
OST American cover

Join the fun and read the book!

editing with the rest of the wikia.

Now after that little moment of self-indulgence, I have a mission for you all. As we know On Stranger Tides was a big hit and loved throughout all of Pirates fandom. And you may or may not know that it was based on the book On Stranger Tides by Tim Powers. Now this will probably get me alienated on this wikia, this needs to be said; ...I thought the book was better than the movie. Now I thought the movie was great. I believe the movie had the most sense of adventure out of all the movies and the acting, my God, the acting was superb (minus Phillip and his fishy girlfriend). So I don't think the movie is bad, it is just that the book is so fantastic. Perhaps I'm being to hard for one could argue that the movie and the book are not on the same caliber, but ce la vie.

The book has some of the most memorable characters and quotes that I have read. Honestly, it is like your on the beach talking to Jack Shandy, listening to the sounds of pirates drink and laugh and fight. Also, a odd and mysterious voodoo-ie prescene haunts the background of the book so even though there is some realism you still believe anything can happen. Also, the magic in the book.... it is like magic you never heard of before. Tim Powers made his own rules for magic, rules that you don't really see anywhere else in books and film. He also explores a lot of the art of voodoo which allowed me to get more into the mindset of Tia Dalma, after reading the book and then watching DMC. But with all of these magical rules, it does make the reading hard to follow at times but trust me and push through.

So mates, I wish you all to read it and when your done, write below what you think of it. Like it, hate it? Am I completely right? Wrong? So let this be are little Pirate Book Club (we might just do one about PoF in the near future!). If you have already read it post now but if you wish to spoil anything be sure to write SPOILER above your post in bold so others get the chance to enjoy it. So go forth and read! Trust me it will keep you entertain.

Be warned! This book covers some pretty mature material!

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