Ahoy lads and lasses!

While I wasn't able to watch Kon-Tiki, the film directed by the new directors of Pirates 5, I instead re-watched Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End. While revisiting the film, I noticed a couple of things that can cause some disscusion. I do not believe these things to be more than trvial, but as a community I think we should observe them anways, for kicks.

To continue, I found these two things that left me with questions:

1. How did the Crew of the Black Pearl make it to Singapore?

In the beginning of the film, it its establish that Barbossa, Elizabeth and Will come to Sao Feng to retrieve both the Navigational Charts and a ship and a crew. This leads me to wonder how the pirates traveled to the other side of the world in the first place? Did Tia Dalma whisked them there magically? Did they highjack another vessel than lost it? These are just theories and I'm intrested to know about yours.

2. Was Raggetti a Pirate Lord?

As we know, Raggetti had Barbossa's piece of eight stuck in his head for most of the triology. Now with Barbossa dead in CotBP, and Raggetti the new owner of the piece of eight, did that make him in turn Barbossa's succesor? Did he know? Please let me know what you thik below.

'Till next time, me hearties!

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