Everyone loves Disneyland. Everyone loves John Favreau, director of Iron Man and Cowboys and Aliens. Everyone loves Pixar. And everyone worships Pirates of the Caribbean! So me hearties, all of these wonderous things collide to make something magical... Magic Kingdom: The Movie!

A la Night at the Museum, when the park closes, the magic of Disneyland comes to life as statues and characters {Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy) come to life. John Favreau will direct it with a few members of the Pixar dream team at his disposal.

Now mates, although there is no offical inofrmation yet, we might see some cameos of our favorite pirates including Captain Jack Sparrow! I'll be following this story closely as I am a Disney fan as well as a Pirates fan.

So do you want to have Jack Sparrow rub shoulders with Mickey and the gang? Are you excited for the release of this picture?

'Till next time!


You can hear more about the project here. (Skip to 8:50)

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