Every Pirates fan can agree that Ian McShane chrushed it as Blackbeard. He was sinister, foreboding and an all around devilish pirate. Well now mates, a new actor takes up the helm as the infamous captain of the Queen Anne's Revenge! His name is Hugh Laurie, though you might know him as Dr. House.

Yes, Hugh Laurie is star as Blackbeard in NBC's Crossbones, a new series that is said to be in production this fall. The main premise is that of a skilled assian, known as Lowe, who is hired by the British authorities to gain Blackbeard's trust than murder him. But of course, complications will arise.

At first, I was doubtful of Laurie as a pirate captain, but then I was reminded of him cheeky nature on his show House. Additonaly, Laurie will be able to use his native, British accent.

The series is set to be based on Colin Woodard's book, Pirate's Republic, an intresting read for any lover of the Pirates series. Neil Cross, a British television writer, is set to write 10 episodes.

I'll be keeping you up to date with the production of this series. If all goes well, we could be seeing Pirates 5 in the theaters alongside a Blackbeard show on TV.

What do you think? Will Hugh Laurie make a good Blackbeard? Can a TV show be as good as a Pirates film? Let me know in the comments!