We are know of the "man so evil hell itself spat him back out." He is Hector Barbossa, the new captain of the Queen Anne's Revenge! But I have a question for ye mates; with his new ship, will be a ally for Sparrow... or an enemy?
Barbossa introduced

Friend or Foe?

After their previous adventures, Jack and Barbossa seemed to work well together. Together they were able to storm a the Spanish camp with strength, wit and mostly Jack's extreme amount of luck. Also Barbossa seemed to forget about his hatred for Jack as he focused on his quest for vengence against Blackbeard.

Yet lets us not forget Barbossa has a habit of betraying others, as is his nature. He tricked Jack into giving the location of the cursed treasure, marooned him, stolen the Black Pearl twice and sent soldiers to kill Jack in London. Perhaps this scurvy sea-devil hasn't given up the fight against ol' Jack yet.

So speak your piece mates! Has Barbossa became a hero? Can you accept him as one? Or will you only believe him as a pirate menace?