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    Ahoy lads and lasses!

    While I wasn't able to watch Kon-Tiki, the film directed by the new directors of Pirates 5, I instead re-watched Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End. While revisiting the film, I noticed a couple of things that can cause some disscusion. I do not believe these things to be more than trvial, but as a community I think we should observe them anways, for kicks.

    To continue, I found these two things that left me with questions:

    1. How did the Crew of the Black Pearl make it to Singapore?

    In the beginning of the film, it its establish that Barbossa, Elizabeth and Will come to Sao Feng to retrieve both the Navigational Charts and a ship and a crew. This leads me to wonder how the pirates traveled to the other side of the world…

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  • Captain Dashing

    Well my theology exam is tomorrow so what better way to perpare for that than to talk about Pirates 5!

    Ladies and gentlemen, scoundrels and swashbucklers, I believe the new directors will be a boon to the Pirates franchise. Before I continue, watch the trailer of their work Kon-Tiki in the link below:

    Now I was blown away while witnessing a few of these scenes, particularly ones on the beach an in the open ocean. Also, the part with the sharks gave me chills! Imagine having Jack Sparrow or Angelica in that situation; it'll surely being a memorable part of the film.

    Additonally, the movie seems to have a sense of adventure, harkening to something like Ro…

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  • Captain Dashing

    Every Pirates fan can agree that Ian McShane chrushed it as Blackbeard. He was sinister, foreboding and an all around devilish pirate. Well now mates, a new actor takes up the helm as the infamous captain of the Queen Anne's Revenge! His name is Hugh Laurie, though you might know him as Dr. House.

    Yes, Hugh Laurie is star as Blackbeard in NBC's Crossbones, a new series that is said to be in production this fall. The main premise is that of a skilled assian, known as Lowe, who is hired by the British authorities to gain Blackbeard's trust than murder him. But of course, complications will arise.

    At first, I was doubtful of Laurie as a pirate captain, but then I was reminded of him cheeky nature on his show House. Additonaly, Laurie will be able…

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    Ahoy mates!

    Over the holidays I was given a book entitled Blackbeard's Pirates and the Evil Mummies by James Black. Now that midterms are over I finally decided to sit down and read it. While I'm only in the beginning, I say it is an okay novel so far but it has not become as great as other pirate tales. I do, though, promise to push on and read till the end before giving my final judgements.

    Any who, I was wondering if anyone read some other pirate books that would like to recommend to me or others on our fair Wiki.

    I'll get the ball rolling by recommending my Top Pirate Books. This list in no particular order because I have enjoyed some more than other.

    "Pirates, Ye Be Warned!" Some materials are for only mature readers.

    1. Pirates of the Carib…

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  • Captain Dashing

    Everyone loves Disneyland. Everyone loves John Favreau, director of Iron Man and Cowboys and Aliens. Everyone loves Pixar. And everyone worships Pirates of the Caribbean! So me hearties, all of these wonderous things collide to make something magical... Magic Kingdom: The Movie!

    A la Night at the Museum, when the park closes, the magic of Disneyland comes to life as statues and characters {Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy) come to life. John Favreau will direct it with a few members of the Pixar dream team at his disposal.

    Now mates, although there is no offical inofrmation yet, we might see some cameos of our favorite pirates including Captain Jack Sparrow! I'll be following this story closely as I am a Disney fan as well as a Pirates fan.

    So d…

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