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    In Dragon Age:  The World of Thedas Volume 2, the chapter "The Seer's Yarn:  A Treasury of Tales for Children All Over" included this terrible story, "The Ptarmagin," in which a crazy mountain lord removed his own heart thinking it could somehow betray him, but for no reason, he didn't die.  Instead, it merely made him incomplete and unpleasant, and he put it in a gold cask that it could, for no reason, just keep beating from.

    I kid you not!  All I could think was, "Did Disney approve this?"

    Sorry, I just had to complain about it somewhere.  But if you believe you've ever ran across a PotC ripoff, this gives you a place to post about it.

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    I've never understood how anyone could like said villain, but I could be interested in someone who does if they think they can explain it to me.  As long as we all work out our differences politely, this thread could give us a place to discuss and understand our different viewpoints, and I'll try to make the dos and don'ts clear.  I'll start by explaining my opinion.

    When he tried to scare me or otherwise get me in the heart, everything went wrong.  I couldn't look when he was hogging the camera, but only for disgust - seeing him didn't scare me the first time.  I'm not afraid of organ music either, and I really hated his tune.  I had no sympathy for him because he only had himself to blame for his pain (at least the physical one), as well …

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