I just had two awesome dreams this week!

I had the first dream on Wendsday Night. I was a pirate on Tortuga in the 1600's and I remember purchassing a pirate galleon and attacked a Spanish ship. Once onboard, my men were surrounded by Spanish conquistidores on the deck who surrounded me and and placed my crew and I on a deserted Isle and scuttled my ship. My men and I (must've been about ten or so Buccaneers) found a boat with a single sail (called a Tartane) and we secretly waited till dawn and boarded the galleon (inspired by a famous Pyle painting of the pirates in the small boat going up alongside a ship) and we mounted the side of the ship (we had suction cups, lol) and took the sleeping Spaniards by suprised and sailed the prize back to Tortuga where we sold them as slaves, I hired a new crew for my new ship, and the dream ended (sadly).

This was probably because I fell asleep reading Captain Blood, my favorite pirate novel.

Last night, my second dream was more POTC related and I was whatshisface, the guy who captained the Edinbourgh Trader in DMC. I knew somewhow the captain was coming (all because of Will) and he said that I must throw him into the sea (like Jonah, lol) and we did and he drowned and we scuttled my ship, took a boat and rowed to land where we slept the night in a lighthouse and were arrested by English soldiers on the beach because I was thought to be a smuggler (it was a smuggler beach) and I was hanged and the dream repeated itself two more times (the first time I was eaten by the kraken who looked like the one from Clash of the Titans), the second time was the one I just said, and the third one, we killed the Kraken and sank the Dutchman.

Who else has had pirate themed dreams before?

BiggestPirateFan 19:09, March 12, 2011 (UTC)

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