• Assassinetta

    Pirates 5?

    July 8, 2011 by Assassinetta

    Yesterday Jerry Bruckheimer, producer of the series, announced that the next movie is ready to set sail. Johnny Depp is set to return and is very close to signing the deal. The script was turned in before On Stranger Tides was in cinemas, and the crew are reportedly meeting vigorously to polish it all up.

    What are your opinions, are they milking the series too much, or are you ready for another adventure?

    • EDIT* So there have been rumours floating about that Russell Brand may be joining in this film, with demands from Depp himself. Reports say he could either be a rival to Jack, his brother or his sidekick.

    My view on this is simple. I hate it. Brand will do nothing for the series and it'll ruin the movie I've been so excited to see since I he…

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