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November 15, 2011
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  • Ḡwẵine Ḹٍٍkƨ Ĺiĸe Ͼềлȑềd

    Great news for Beatles and Pirates fans! Paul is set to join the cast of Dead Men Tell No Tales! Honestly, I think his cameo will feature him playing Poseidon, a legendary musician and a legend both fit...

    What role do you think Sir Paul McCartney will have in Pirates 5?

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  • Ḡwẵine Ḹٍٍkƨ Ĺiĸe Ͼềлȑềd

    I've been a long term admirer of Orlando Bloom and his character Will Turner, so I'm delighted to hear the news that he could be set for a return. Of course, I will try not get my hopes too high, but nonetheless I am just over the moon at the moment.

    Yes I'm indeed aware that there is quite an opinion divide on whether or not Will should be brought back... but let's just brush that aside for a moment; in a hypothetical sense, how could he fit into Pirates 5 without Elizabeth?

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  • Ḡwẵine Ḹٍٍkƨ Ĺiĸe Ͼềлȑềd

    Hey. Just wanted to make a proposal. I'm an admin on Merlin Wiki, Survivor Wiki, Hey Arnold Wiki and Spongebob Wiki and they all have custom fonts installed to their headers.

    This is what it looks like on wikis:

    If the community agrees I can send the JFan the code so he can implement it for us here.

    What are you thoughts? Yay or nay?

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  • Ḡwẵine Ḹٍٍkƨ Ĺiĸe Ͼềлȑềd

    Hello POTC fans! There is a long wait 'till Pirates 5 comes out so we need something to keep us company, fortunately for you, I have the perfect idea! We create a Pirates Arena page where users (and anons) can cast a vote for the character they think would win in a duel, eg; Will Turner vs. Blackbeard. It will basically work like the one of Merlin Wiki. I think it'd be a great idea! Just take a look at the one on Merlin Wiki and see if you like it! Please share your comments below! :)

    [[♫ ₪ Ḡwẵine Ḹٍٍkƨ Ĺiĸe Ͼềлȑềd ₪ ♫ 13:35, April 6, 2012 (UTC)

    The good pirate versus the bad! It is on! They haven't met before, but when they do, it's crunch time. Will Will's blacksmith tricks be enough for the power of the captain of the fearsome Queen Anne's…

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  • Ḡwẵine Ḹٍٍkƨ Ĺiĸe Ͼềлȑềd

    Most of you would've heard of the exciting news of Orlando Bloom wanting to play Will in Pirates 5. But how could they write him into the story?

    My theory is, is that he seeks Jack's help of leaving the Dutchman to go back to living with Elizabeth.

    If you think about Turner returning, it could also mean, Elizabeth, Bootstrap, Pintel & Ragetti.

    Please do not comment saying something similar to this, "duh... his story finished in At World's End," I only want to hear on HOW he could be re-introduced.

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