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January 18, 2012
  • I live in Tortuga
  • I was born on November 11
  • My occupation is Pirate Captain
  • I am Male
Mister Gibbs
"Hey, boy, where be Kakoolookiyam?"
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5' 9"




Jack Sparrow (father)
Angelica (mother)

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Odin Dhagz


10,000,000,000 guineas for his capture

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The Bloody Mary


Battle for The Fountain of Youth
London Skirmish


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Jack Sparrow's family

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On Stranger Tides

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On Stranger Tides


Odin Dhagz

"I work for no one but meself, no one can take that away from me. I'm the ladies jolly sailor bold, I remain loyal to those who truly trusts me and I ride with the wind and tides, so drink up me hearties!"
―Captain Odin Dhagz

Ahoy maties! I am Kakoolookiyam, I have joined the Pirates of the Caribbean Encyclopedia in order to socialize with the other PotC fans, to learn more about the other merchandise, spin-offs,etc. that are related to the franchise. Also, even though I already watched the other films and played the games and read books, I am still unfamiliar with the PotC universe and I would love to learn and gain more knowledge about the franchise, I am a certified master and specializes in the OST related articles and anything about it so I hope you will understand me if I'm not much familiar. I can assure you guys one thing: I will strive and do my best to share and contribute accurate, honest and non-offensive informations here in the wiki. You guys can trust me...:)

Tales from Tortuga

Me hearties! Again I am Kakoolookiyam, the handsome captain of the infamous pirate ship...The Bloody Mary. I have only been a PotC fan for a year but during this period, I've been reading a lot about the entire franchise! The first pirates related media I ever came contact with is the On Stranger Tides movie, I was so jet-lagged after seeing it and so since then, I became fascinated with anything Pirates of the Caribbean...I truly love the franchise! I decided to join this magnificent wiki because I want to share & learn more regarding PotC, I hope I'll be able to make good friends with me hearties! My specialty is On Stranger Tides :)

My Most Wanted Pirates

My favorite characters in the Pirates universe are:

PotC Film:

  1. Jack Sparrow - greatest pirate ever! My most favorite sea dog...I don't care if he's fiction or true...I want to be a part of his crew, he's my idol, I like his great sense of humor and thirst for adventure!
  2. Davy Jones - I've always wanted to touch his beard since I first saw Dead Man's Chest.
  3. Angelica - oh Angelica! "Eres Hermosa" No wonder why Jack fell in love with you! I love her wittiness and her Spanish accent always makes me feel like heaven. I can relate to her because I am also half Spanish!
  4. Blackbeard - I've always read about this badass sailor in history books...Never liked him...but after watching On Stranger Tides, everything changed!
  5. Barbossa - for me, Hector acts like Jack's frenemy mentor...I think...I love his deep pirates language and accent...XD


  1. Jack Shandy - otherwise known as John Chandagnac....the main character of the On Stranger Tides novel.
  2. Elizabeth "Beth" Hurwood - Jack's lead lady and the deutoragonist of the novel.

So far, that's all, I also like all the rest of the other characters but this 5 personas are my most favorite!!! Arrrrrr!!!

Favorite Music/Songs

The following are my favorite music...

  1. Angelica (music) - suits senorita Angelica perfectly...
  2. Mermaids (music) - I love it...sounds so misterioso...
  3. My Jolly Sailor Bold - there is nothing can console me...but my jolly sailor bold... :)
  4. He's a Pirate - yup! I'm a pirate.,,

Reasons Why I like Pirates of the Caribbean

  1. Pirates of the Caribbean films - these movies caused my thirst for PotC.
  2. Ships - I've always wanted to have my own pirate ship someday...
  3. Intense fight scenes - I watch all the PotC fight scenes over and over again! (I own all 4 original PotC DVD's)
  4. Music - Hans Zimmer is the best! I salute him!

My PotC Treasures

So far, I am proud to say that I have completely collected the following Pirates of the Caribbean merchandise:

I'm going to receive the PotC four movie collection soon, its from my auntie who bought it as a gift for me.

Other PotC Related Stuff That I own

Besides the wiki, I also have an account on:


This user's favorite Pirate couple is Captain Jack Sparrow and Angelica

Jack Sparrow
This user's favorite Pirate is Captain Jack Sparrow

Blackbeard Portrait
This user has served under Captain Edward Teach

This user's favourite vessel is the Queen Anne's Revenge, AKA the world-renowned vessel of infamy!

Clip image001
This user has found the Fountain of Youth.

Angelica - On Stranger Tides
This user's favorite female pirate is Angelica

My Favorite Pages here in the Wiki

Here are my favorite Pirates of the Caribbean Encyclopedia pages:

My specialty is anything that is related to Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, so if you have questions regarding the movie or stuff related to it, don't hesitate on asking me...


Here are some pictures of me favorite pirates from Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides ...

That's all for now!!! I hope to get along with you mates, I promise not to vandalize the wiki and will strive to give accurate, canonical and neutral edits and contirbutions...Thank you, Pirates of the Caribbean forever!!!

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