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September 19, 2011
Mister Gibbs
"Hey, boy, where be Black Caesar?"
Black Caesar is missing and has been gone without any explanation for over a month.

You wish to hear the true story of Blackbeard the Pirate? I'll tell you, if you've got enough nerve to listen. But everything I say is true! Believe me! I was there!
Black Ceaser
Black Caesar
Biographical information


Ethnic group

African (formerly)

Eye color


Hair color



Around 1680


1718, ressurected later by Blackbeard


War chieftain

Weapon(s) owned


Ship(s) captained or crewed

Queen Anne's Revenge


Battle of Ocracoke Inlet
Mutiny on the Queen Anne's Revenge
Attack on Whitecap Bay


Crew of the Queen Anne's Revenge

Behind the scenes
This user's favourite vessel is the Queen Anne's Revenge, AKA the world-renowned vessel of infamy!
This user is a loyal member of Blackbeard's crew
Voodoo doll
This user is a Voodooist!

My biography

I was an African chief, and was known for my strength and intelligence. After some clever slave trader tricked me aboard a slave ship in Africa, I escaped during a hurricane in the Atlantic Ocean. In just a longboat, me and my friend stole supplies and treasures from passing ships and hoarded the loot on Florida's Elliot Key. After killing him in a duel over a woman, I continued pirating on my own. I captured larger boats, which I hid by tying them up to Caesar's Rock and sinking them.

Eventually, I joined forces with the notorious pirate Blackbeard. During my few months on the Queen Anne's Revenge, we became good friends. We were together in 1718 when Blackbeard's ship, the sloop Adventure, was attacked by the British Royal Navy. To avoid capture, Blackbeard ordered me to destroy the ship if he dies. I was caught just before igniting the gunpowder, and hanged in Williamsburg, Virginia. However, as you can see, Blackbeard resurrected me as a zombie.

Favorite quotes

"— Such a Day, Rum all out: — Our Company somewhat sober: — A damn'd Confusion amongst us! — Rogues a plotting; — great Talk of Separation. — So I look'd sharp for a Prize; — such a Day took one, with a great deal of Liquor on Board, so kept the Company hot, damned hot, then all Things went well again."
Blackbeard in his Journal[src]
"If I don't kill a man every now and then, they'd forget who I am."
Blackbeard to Angelica[src]
"We do use magic out here, and those of us who aren't above listening to the black bocors —especially those of us who live on the sea—know some thefty tricks. I know more, maybe, than anyone..."
"For years I've heard about this Fountain, and I tracked it down because of a magic I'd heard of in connection with it. A man with the right kind of power can be immortal by means of it, if he takes care to live on the sea. Blood, fresh blood, and sea water, and you don't need the head, nor a body for the soul to go into; the sorceror's blood will grow a new one in the sea, in a kind of egg, within hours of dripping into the water..."
"Back to the camp, Jack. Send as many of the Carmichael's lads to Bonnett's crew as the Revenge can hold—the rest bring down here, and get 'em aboard the Jenny. But none of our mates sail on the Queen Anne's Revenge, understand?"
―Phil Davies to Jack Shandy[src]
"He got away with a lot by calling himself a privateer. The English let him alone if they think he only be takin' Spanish ships. But he wa'n't interested in any distinctions between Spanish or English or Dutch, just in human lives and blood. He even kilt that old English magician he been studyin' with, an' then tried to bring him back."
―Woefully Fat on Blackbeard[src]
"All set?"
"I'd say so, Phil. Far too many men, nearly no provisions, the rigging all held together with nipper twine, and the navigator a one-armed lunatic taking directions from a severed head in a box.
―Phil Davies and Jack Shandy[src]
"You know anything about raising ghosts?"
"Not really—though the way things've been going I think I'll have it down pat long before I really understand sailing.
―Phil Davies and Jack Shandy[src]

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