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Fight on Isla de Muerta 17
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Unnamed French frigate
Career information
Port of registry

Unknown (possibly Ille D'Etable De Porc)


Unnamed French captain


Unnamed French captain

Technical information



Several cannons


War of Garcia and Pierre


French Royal Navy

Behind the scenes
First appearance

Pirates of the Caribbean Online

Last appearance

Pirates of the Caribbean Online


Destroyed by the Prowler

"...the Frigate flyin' the French colors was well-armed and rained down fire and brimstone on me hearty crew from the opening volley! The hull of our galleon, The Prowler, was damaged in two places but we managed to stay afloat."
Unnamed Spanish privateer[src]

This ship was a frigate captained by a French captain. At some point during the War of Garcia and Pierre, the frigate attacked the Prowler, a Spanish galleon on a privateering mission. However, the two Spanish sloops soon appeared, and the frigate was destroyed in a coordinated attack of the three Spanish ships. The crew of the frigate managed to escape on a nearby island.

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