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Undead Quarter Master2
Undead French
General information

Jolly Roger


Undead Capitaines

Notable members

Undead Capitaines
Undead Lieutenants
Undead Quarter Masters
Undead Maitres


French Blood Scourge
French Cerberus
French Shadow Crow


Isla Cangrejos


Caribbean Sea
Isla Cangrejos

Other information

French Navy (formerly)
Pierre le Porc (formerly)
Jolly Roger's Skeleton Crew

Behind the scenes
First appearance

Pirates of the Caribbean Online

Latest appearance

Pirates of the Caribbean Online

"Death Cannot Stop Us!"
―Undead French Capitaine[src]

These horrors are the creation of Jolly Roger. Thanks to Pierre le Porc, Jolly Roger has an endless supply of Undead French as Porc's French soldiers continue to dump fallen comrades on Isla Cangrejos. During the war against piracy, some of the Undead French participated in Jolly Roger's island invasions as part of his cursed forces.

The Undead French ArmyEdit

The undead French army consist of:


Added to Pirates of the Caribbean Online in May 28, 2008, Jolly Roger has shown interest in the battle between Garcia de Avaracia and Pierre le Porc, since they unintentionally add new recruits and ships to Jolly Roger's army.


Concept art for Undead French


Another concept art for Undead French


For more informationEdit

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