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The Treasure of the Grotto of Despair was a legendary treasure. In order to find it, one had to cross the Sea of Despair. The treasure itself was a giant ruby.

History Edit

At some point, a sliver of the ruby became separated from the rest. John Stryke, a pirate deformed as a result of dabbling in dark magic, found the piece and learned that wearing it as a talisman gave the illusion of his former appearance. He also learned that if he possessed the rest of the ruby, and offered a sacrifice into the Grotto's pit, he would be completely restored.

The chest containing the ruby was found when Stryke claimed it. In a duel with Jack Sparrow, Stryke lost his talisman, and dropped the rest of the ruby in the pit. Jack locked Stryke in the chest, saying that Stryke was now the treasure of the Grotto of Despair. Jack also planned to use the sliver of ruby to "pay for a lot of things."

Appearances Edit