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"I'm gonna teach it to the whole crew.
We'll sing it all the time!"
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"Speak up, ya bilge rat! Where be the treasure?"
"Do not tell him, Carlos! No, no, no, no..."
"No! No! Por favor!
―Treasure Keeper, Carlos' wife, and Carlos[src]

This man, known as the Treasure Keeper, was a pirate who operated in the Caribbean during the early 18th century. At some point in his life, he joined the pirate crew of the Wicked Wench.


Nothing is known about this man's early life. It is known, however, that he became a pirate, and became known as the Treasure Keeper. One day, he joined the pirate crew of the Wicked Wench. He participated in the Pirate Captain's raid on the Spanish island of Isla Tesoro. He and his mates successfully invaded the island and captured the main settlement, Puerto Dorado.

After the battle, the Treasure Keeper and his men kidnapped Carlos, the town's magistrate, and dunked him into the well, forcing him to reveal the location of the town's treasure stores.[3]

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"Where be Captain Jack Sparrow? Speak up! Or do you fancy a swim with Davy Jones?"
―Dunking Pirate[src] (pre-2006 revamp)


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