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The Curse of the Black Pearl

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The Curse of the Black Pearl


Owen Finnegan

"Jack Sparrow. Be it known that you have been charged, tried, and convicted for your willful commission of crimes against the Crown, said crimes being numerous in quantity and sinister in nature, the most egregious of these to be cited herewith... piracy, smuggling, falsification of Letters of Marque and Reprisal, impersonating an officer of the British Royal Navy, impersonating an officer of the Spanish Royal Navy, impersonating a cleric of the Church of England, sailing under false colors, arson, kidnapping, looting, poaching, brigandage, pilfering, depravity, depredation, and general lawlessness, and for these crimes, you have been sentenced to be, on this day, hung by the neck until dead. May God have mercy on your soul."
―Town Clerk reading Jack Sparrow's sentence[src]

This man was the town clerk of Port Royal. When Jack Sparrow kept his appointment with the gallows, the town clerk was present at his hanging at Fort Charles. The clerk gave Jack his sentence while reading aloud the notorious pirate's numerous crimes. However, despite the clerk announcing the death sentence, Jack was saved by Will Turner. An old man, he wore a wig and a tricorn hat.

Biography Edit

Nothing is known of his early life, except that he resided in Port Royal and at some point he became a clerk. He was often stationed inside Fort Charles.

When Jack Sparrow was to be executed, the clerk announced the death sentence, and read about the numerous crimes committed by the notorious pirate. However, the pirate was rescued by William Turner Jr, and a short battle with the British Royal Navy Marines ensued, during which the clerk likely fled the scene. His further fate is unknown.

Behind the scenesEdit



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