Top Trumps is a card game.

Top Trumps was first introduced in England by Dubreq in 1977. The line continued until the early '90s. In 1999, Winning Moves bought the rights to the game and relaunched it.

The cards are sold in packs with different themes. Some packs feature public domain themes such as military hardware and wildlife. Others are based on things like books and movies, including Pirates of the Caribbean. There have been two releases of Pirates of the Caribbean cards: one for Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest and one for Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End.


Any number of people can play. Each person is dealt 30 cards. They hold their cards face up, but can only look at their first card. The first player than chooses the highest statistic on their card and reads it out. Everyone else reads out the highest statistic. The winner takes all the cards and puts them at the bottom of his pile.

If there is a tie, all the cards are put aside. The same player chooses a statistic from their card. The second round is played and the winner gets all the regular cards and the cards from the previous round.

Pirates of the Caribbean Top TrumpsEdit

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's ChestEdit

Each card features a picture of the character at the top and flavor text to the left. To the right, the cards stats are shown. The stats are Cunning, Fear, Reputation, Courage, Pieces of Eight, and Piracy.

  1. Anamaria
  2. Bootstrap Bill Turner
  3. Captain Jack Sparrow
  4. Captain Barbossa
  5. Cotton
  6. Cotton's parrot
  7. Cursed Pirate
  8. Davy Jones
  9. Edinburgh Trader crew
  10. Elizabeth Swann
  11. Girls of Tortuga
  12. Governor Swann
  13. Jack the Monkey
  14. James Norrington
  15. Joshamee Gibbs
  16. Koehler
  17. Lieutenant Gillette
  18. Lord Cutler Beckett
  19. Marty
  20. Mercer
  21. Mr. Brown
  22. Mullroy
  23. Murtogg
  24. Pintel
  25. Prison Dog
  26. Ragetti
  27. The Harbour Master
  28. Tia Dalma
  29. Twigg
  30. Will Turner

At World's EndEdit

The At World's End cards were changed. Statistics went on top with flavor text at the bottom. The statistics became Power, Swordfighting Skills, Honour, Escapology, Secrecy, and Buccaneer Spirit.

  1. Admiral Norrington
  2. Ammand the Corsair
  3. "Bootstrap Bill" Turner
  4. Black Pearl
  5. Capitaine Chevalle
  6. Captain Barbossa
  7. Captain Jack Sparrow
  8. Captain Sao Feng
  9. Captain Villanueva
  10. Cotton
  11. Davy Jones
  12. Elizabeth Swann
  13. Empress
  14. Endeavour
  15. Flying Dutchman
  16. Gentleman Jocard
  17. Governor Swann
  18. Jack the Monkey
  19. Joshamee Gibbs
  20. Kraken
  21. Lost Souls
  22. Marty
  23. Murtogg and Mullroy
  24. Pintel
  25. Ragetti
  26. Sir Cutler Beckett
  27. Sri Sumbhajee
  28. Tai Huang
  29. Tia Dalma
  30. Will Turner

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