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Toolajee Angria
Biographical information


Ethnic group





Kanhoji Angria (father)
Sumbhajee Angria (brother)
Mannajee Angria (brother)

Also known as

Tulaji Angre


Attack on Sri Sumbhajee's palace


Brethren Court

Behind the scenes
First appearance

The Turning Tide

Latest appearance

The Turning Tide

"There is a boy in here."
"But of course. That is Toolajee, Sri Sumbhajee's brother."
Marcella, Parvati and Carolina[src]

Toolajee Angria was the half-brother of Sri Sumbhajee who lived in Sri Sumbhajee's palace. Toolajee tried to poison Sri Sumbhajee a number of times because he wanted to be a Pirate Lord. But once Jack Sparrow found out, he was proud of Toolajee and said he would get to be the Pirate Lord of India when Sumbhajee died as long as he would stop trying to poison him. Sri Sumbhajee also announced that Toolajee would be able to come on all him adventures with him. Afterwards, Toolajee was satisfied.


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