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"So tell me, what's become of my ship?"
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1751,[1] in the Devil's Triangle



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British Royal Navy
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Strangled and burned by Armando Salazar.


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"Sir, trust in what I say. Change your course."
"You dare to give me orders, boy?"
"Arrest him!
Henry Turner, Toms, and Cole[src]

Toms was a captain of the British Royal Navy. He captained the Monarch and in 1751, he chased the Dutch barque Ruddy Rose into the Devil's Triangle, despite the warnings of his shipboy Henry Turner, whom Toms considered crazy. However, ignoring the young Turner made him pay with his own life, as upon entering the Devil's Triangle, the terrifying Capitán Armando Salazar and his crew attacked Toms' crew and subsequently, Salazar strangled Toms and threw his body to the flames.

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Not much is known of Toms' early life. At some unspecified point, Toms became an officer of the British Royal Navy and later became captain of the Monarch. Toms' main task was to hunt pirates, so he enlisted a crew for his ship, which included First Officer Wade, Officer Cole and the young sailor Henry Turner, and sailed several times in search of pirates to hunt.[2]

The hunt for the Ruddy Rose Edit

In 1751, Toms captained the Monarch to hunt down the Ruddy Rose, a Dutch barque captained by the fearsome Captain Bonnet, in the Caribbean Sea. However, the young Henry Turner, upon realizing that they were heading to the Devil's Triangle, ran to warn Toms, telling him that they will avoid entering the Triangle since several ships that entered there never come out. However, Toms denied changing the direction of the ship, and Cole ordered his men to arrest Turner. Desperate, the boy tried to change the ship's course by force, but was quickly captured and Toms ripped the sleeves of his jacket as a sign of treason, ordering the Marines to lock him in a cell.[2]


Salazar kills British captain

Salazar grabs Toms by the neck, seconds before killing him.

"Ship to starboard!"
"That's no ship, sir. It's a shipwreck."
"No. She's sailing straight toward us. Open fire!
Officer Cole, First Officer Wade, and Captain Toms[src]

However, once the Monarch entered the Devil's Triangle, Toms' officers discovered the remains of Bonnet's Dutch barque, and began to suspect that Turner was right. But it was too late, because the terrible and ghostly Capitán Armando Salazar and his ghost crew appeared on the scene, annihilating the crew of the Monarch and setting fire to the ship. Toms stood on the quarterdeck when he was captured by two crewmen of the Silent Mary, who kept him alive so that their Capitán may deal with him. As Salazar made his way toward Toms, he asked "What are you?" Salazar then grabbed Toms by the throat and responded "Death" before snapping the officer's neck and throwing him into the fire.[2]

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