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The Trouble With Pirates! is a comic short story published in the August 2005 Disney Adventures, set in the Pirates of the Caribbean world and published under the Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl title. The story features Bryan Ruszala, who won the Disney Dream Auction.


While Captain Jack Sparrow and Gibbs are looking through a chest of treasure, a boy from the year 2005 appears on the beach. He says that his name is Bryan and the last thing he remembers is looking at a two-headed object at a museum. Gibbs finds the object in the chest and says that it depicts Janus, the Roman god of gateways.

Seeing the treasure, Bryan quickly picks up on the fact that Jack and Gibbs are pirates, which Jack denies. Jack tells Bryan to use the relic to go home. Bryan refuses, saying he wants to go on adventures with pirates.

Just then, Captain Dulac shows up. Dulac says that he's going to break their partnership and take all of the treasure instead of half. Bryan, who is now ready to go home, isn't happy about this development; if they take the relic, he's stuck there.

A fight breaks out. Jack admits to Dulac that he was going to betray him the whole time. Jack pushes Dulac, who trips over Bryan. Having been put at the disadvantage, Dulac surrenders.

Bryan uses the relic to return to his own time. He says that being a pirate is exciting, but he misses things from his own time like the internet, video games, basketball, and pizza. A mystified Mr. Gibbs asks Jack, "What is pizza?" to which Jack replies that he has no idea.