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The Spaniard's sword
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The Spaniard


The Spaniard

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On Stranger Tides

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On Stranger Tides

The sword favored by The Spaniard was a well-polished rapier. This sword was a deadly weapon in the Spaniard's hands.


At some point, this sword was given to The Spaniard as his personal weapon to use on his missions for King Ferdinand. It was most notably seen during the battle of the Fountain of Youth, where the Spanish came to destroy the Fountain. The Spaniard pulled out his sword during his confrontation with Blackbeard until the notorious pirate was killed by Hector Barbossa.[1] The sword's further fate is unknown.

Design and usageEdit

The Spaniard's rapier had a traditionally elegant fleur-patterned cup hilt, which gave it a traditional elegance. It had a decorated grip and pommel as well as a gold finish on the hilt.[2]

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