Pirates of the Caribbean: The Secret Files of the East India Trading Company

Sir Thomas Faye

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Disney Press


August 21, 2007

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Pirates of the Caribbean: The Secret Files of the East India Trading Company is a hardcover book written by Sir Thomas Faye, set for release on August 21, 2007. It is a fact file of information from the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy, from the perspective of the East India Trading Company.

Publisher's summaryEdit

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The Secret Files of the East India Trading Company logo

The East India Trading Company has been working to rid the Seven Seas of all pirates, but the cunning pirates are hard to catch. If the East India Trading Company is ever to gain control, they will need all the help they can get. Luckily for them, this compiliation pulls together all the stories of the notorious, pesky Pirates of the Caribbean. Featuring legends and facts known about the key characters, their ships, and the places they travel, it's a who's-who for new and old fans alike.

Back coverEdit

The classified information herein is intended ONLY for members of the East India Trading Company and the Royal Navy. These Secret Files are, I believe, the most comprehensive and detailed gathering of informationon the cursed PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN. If you are neither a member of the Company nor the Crown, I beg of you, keep this dossier safe from the vicious pirate scoundrels who prowl our seas—chief amongst them, the nefarious Jack Sparrow. Be alert and be aware. The Age of Pirates is coming to a close, and these documents are MOST essential in our efforts to end this reign of terror.

Yours in the exalted name of His Majesty,
Sir Thomas Faye

Behind the ScenesEdit

The concept of this fictional book may be based on Daniel Defoe's "A General His-Story of Pyrates"

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