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The Treasure of Shipwreck Island!

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The Treasure of Shipwreck Island!

"Lucky Tom! I've been waiting four years to see you and that blackhearted Captain Stevenson again. You stole my family's gold-and I want it back!"
Peter Preston to Lucky Tom[src]

Stevenson, better known as Shipwreck Stevenson, was a pirate captain in the Caribbean during the Age of Piracy.


"Poor old Captain Shipwreck Stevenson has passed away, boy. Lost in a shipwreck, naturally."
Big Red to Peter Preston[src]

At some point in his life, Captain Stevenson and his crew stole the gold of Peter Preston's family. Stevenson took the chest and buried it on Shipwreck Island. He made a map of the location, so he could find the treasure if he ever forgets the exact spot. But he died in a shipwreck.

Stevenson's crewmembers Lucky Tom, Big Red, Sven, and Smelly John found the map, and started a search for the treasure. But the map was useless without the mysterious dagger in Peter Preston's possesion.