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Spanish armor in Isla Tesoro Fort.

This unnamed Spanish fort was a Spanish citadel located on the edge of Puerto Dorado on Isla Tesoro. The fortress, manned by Spanish soldiers, was situated near the house of Magistrate Carlos and overlooked the sea.


The fortress was mostly known to be under command of the Spanish Army, notably during Carlos' time as magistrate of Isla Tesoro. At some point, the fort was assaulted by a group of pirates, led by the Pirate Captain of the Wicked Wench. Though, the Spanish manage to hold their ground from the pirates, the soldiers lost the fortress and many more pirates invaded the town. These pirates eventually managed to raid the armory where, in their inebriated state, they toyed with the numerous weapons and dangerous implements kept there.[1]

A number of pirates were held in the prison within the fortress and tried to lure a dog to them so they could take its keys, which it held in its mouth.[1]

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The name "Spanish fort" has been used in several Pirates of the Caribbean media, mainly From the Magic Kingdom to the Movies.
  • Two scenes from the fort were referenced in Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. One was a pirate ship (the Black Pearl) attacking the local fort (Fort Charles). The other was the scene with several prisoners trying to lure the Prison Dog toward them.[2]
  • In the 2006 revamp of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, the fortress was attacked by Captain Barbossa, who replaced the original captain of the Wicked Wench.
  • Originally, the fortress didn't have Spanish soldiers manning the cannons, instead only dialogue audio and cannons are seen. The soldiers were quietly added to the battle scene during the 1999/2000 refurbishment. Then for the 2006 movie tie-in refurbishment, each individual Spanish soldier have their faces, helmet, and armor replaced along with a new Spanish commander shouting commands to his men and threats to Captain Barbossa on the Wicked Wench. Soldiers from the other side of the fortress can be heard yelling threats in Spanish to the pirates.
  • All of the soldiers you see manning the fortress wear bronze comb morion helmets.
  • The cannons on the fort are much stronger than the ones from the Wicked Wench. As you can hear that the cannons being fired from the fortress are bigger and louder.
  • It is unknown if the Spanish fort has any relation to the Castillo del Morro entrance found at Walt Disney World as well as the fort entrance at Disneyland Paris.