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Dark brown

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Flintlock pistol

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The Spaniard's ship


Incident at Palm Tree Grove
Battle for the Fountain of Youth


The Spaniard's crew
King Ferdinand

Behind the scenes
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On Stranger Tides

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On Stranger Tides


Tyrone Lopez

"The prisoner is escaping. He's escaping! Fan out! Find him!"
―Spanish Soldier[src]

The man was an officer of the Spanish Royal Navy, under King Ferdinand. He served under the command of The Spaniard, as part of his loyal crew during the quest for the Fountain of Youth.


Quest for the Fountain of YouthEdit

This Spaniard was mainly known for serving as part of The Spaniard's fleet in the task to find and destroy the Fountain of Youth. After King Ferdinand discovered a ship's log that revealed the location to the Fountain, the officer stood by the Spaniard's side throughout the voyage.[1]

When the Spanish made camp in Fort San Miguel, the Chalices were stolen by Hector Barbossa and Jack Sparrow, until they were caught and tied to palm trees. This Spanish soldier was guarding the camp until Jack made a miraculous escape by slingshotting himself from palm trees. He order a group of Spaniards to go after him but wanted him alive. However, Jack would dispatch the Spaniards and escape with the Chalices.[1]

The soldier later accompanied the Spaniard and a fellow officer as the Spanish made their way to the Fountain of Youth, where they interrupted a battle between Barbossa's British crew and a pirate crew led by Blackbeard. One of the British officers, Theodore Groves, attempted to claim the Fountain under the name of King George, the Spaniard used the soldier's pistol to shoot him down. The soldier, along with a Spanish officer, forcibly held down Angelica so that the Spaniard could retrieve the Chalices from her. After the Spaniard ordered the temple around the Fountain of Youth to be destroyed, the officer stood beside the Spaniard, watching the Fountain's destruction. After the Fountain was destroyed, the Spanish departed and returned back to their ships.[1] His further fate is unknown.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Spanish Soldier was portrayed by Tyrone Lopez in On Stranger Tides.
  • This particular Spaniard had two different identities. In On Stranger Tides, he was credited as "Spanish Soldier", while in the film's visual guide, he was identified as "Spanish Officer".[2]



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