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Dead Men Tell No Tales

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Dead Men Tell No Tales




Mahesh Jadu


This man was a soldier in the Spanish Royal Navy during the Age of Piracy, serving on the Silent Mary under the command of Capitán Armando Salazar. Cursed and forced to roam the seas in everlasting torment, he along with his Captain would stop at nothing to take their revenge on the very man who took their lives from them, Captain Jack Sparrow.


At some unspecified point likely in his early life, this man would become a soldier of the Spanish Royal Navy. Serving under capitan Armando Salazar aboard the fearsome Silent Mary, this soldier was a skilled marksman and a loyal member of the Crew of the Silent Mary. He participated in the massive Battle off the Devil's Triangle, in which around ten pirate vessels who were traveling in convoy before being attacked by the Mary. The officer and the rest of the crew manned the ship's cannons, firing on the pirate vessels. After the fierce battle ended with the destruction of all ten ships, only a few survivors had escaped from the wreckage, and were floating in the sea nearby. On command from Capitan Salazar and Lieutenant Lesaro, the crew opened fire on the survivors, killing them all with their rifles.[1]

However, another pirate vessel, the Wicked Wench had survived. A young pirate, Jack Sparrow, who had assumed command of the ship from its deceased captain, climbed atop the crow's nest, from which he taunted Salazar and his crew. The Wench sailed slowly away from the Mary, and Salazar gave the order to pursue the vessel. The Wench appeared to be going into the Devil's Triangle, so the Spanish navy ship followed them in. However, as soon as the Wench reached the cave entrance, its crew performed a sudden bootleg turn, promptly turning itself around. Salazar, shocked at the Wench's sudden turn, was unable to order the crew to perform the bootleg turn, and the ship went straight into the cursed triangle. This officer and the rest of the crew scrambled for cover as the ship crashed into some sharp rocks, destroying the powder magazine and blowing up the entire ship, taking its crew with it. However, he was resurrected by the supernatural powers of the Triangle with his crewmates as the undead. Hungry for revenge, the Spanish escaped from the Triangle and set out on a blind mission of vengeance to find the legendary Trident of Poseidon to kill the man they blamed for their fate - Captain Jack Sparrow.[1]

Years later, around 1751, the crew of the Silent Mary were lurking inside the Triangle when the Ruddy Rose, captained by Bonnet, entered in an attempt to escape from the British Royal Navy. The crew of the Mary slaughtered the entire pirate crew of the Rose, leaving only a Jolly Roger flag and some pieces of driftwood floating in the water. Soon, the British Royal Navy ship, the Monarch, entered the triangle, only to be attacked by the Spanish crew, who murdered everyone onboard save for the young prisoner, Henry Turner, who Salazar commissioned to find Jack Sparrow and his compass in order to release the Spaniards from their curse. Not long after, the Triangle suddenly began to fall apart, showing the crew daylight for the first time in years. They were released, and immediately ventured out of the triangle in order to track down and kill Jack Sparrow.[1]

Spanish soldier

The soldier shortly before turning to dust

Soon, the Silent Mary began to slowly pick off famed pirate captain Hector Barbossa's fleet of ten ships, starting with the Red Dragon, which was crushed beneath the massive Mary. Soon, only Barbossa's flagship, the Queen Anne's Revenge, remained. The Mary attacked the Revenge, and its crew boarded the ship, threatening the crew at sword and gun-point. However, after a few pirates were executed, Salazar ended up striking a deal with Barbossa, in which Hector would lead Salazar and his crew to Jack by sunlight the next morning, or his life would be taken then. The Revenge crew combined with the Mary crew in order to find Sparrow. This man was present as Salazar told Barbossa of the Battle off the Devil's Triangle. As soon as Salazar finished, Barbossa spotted the Dying Gull, Jack Sparrow's ship, on the horizon. The soldier was present as the rest of the crew dropped the undead Sharks of the Silent Mary in order for them to track down and kill Sparrow.[1]

After the sharks failed to kill Jack Sparrow, Henry Turner and Carina Smyth, the crew followed them to a beach at Hangman's Bay. The Spanish confronted the trio but the retreating waves left the Soldier standing on dry land, causing him to turn to dust in front of his crewmates who immediately retreated into deeper waters.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

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  • The Spanish Soldier was portrayed by Mahesh Jadu in Dead Men Tell No Tales.
  • In order to shoot the scene in which the Spanish Soldier turns to dust, Mahesh Jadu threw himself while screaming into the sand of the beach of Whitsunday Islands, the collection of continental islands which posed as Hangman's Bay, with the effect of the Soldier becoming dust then added by CGI as demonstrated in the behind-the-scenes featurette.[2]
  • In the film's novelization, multiple crewmembers of the Silent Mary are turned to dust when they step on dry land at Hangman's Bay like the Spanish Soldier.


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