South China Sea 1752
South China Sea
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Sao Feng's father
Sao Feng's uncle
Sao Feng
Tai Huang


Sao Feng's Empire
East India Trading Company

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At World's End

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At World's End

"I am Sao Feng."
"Sao Feng, Sao Feng. Nope, never heard of 'im."
"Never heard of me! I'm only the fiercest captain to ever sail the South China Sea!
Sao Feng and Jack Sparrow[src]

The South China Sea was a sea of the Pacific Ocean, reaching from Taiwan to Singapore. This sea was an important route from Europe to Asia. As a result there was a lot of piracy there. The Pirate Lords of the South China Sea during the 18th century were Sao Feng's father, Liang Dao, Sao Feng, and Elizabeth Swann.

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