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Biographical information



Shrimper (brother)

Also known as

Shrimpers' brother



Behind the scenes
First appearance

Dead Man's Chest

Latest appearance

Dead Man's Chest

"Ne bougeais pas, c'est trop dangereux!"
―Shrimpers' brother to Will Turner on the island of Pelegosto[src]

This man was brother to a shrimper who operated around the island of Tortuga and also traded spice for "long pork".

Biography Edit

"Bon voyage, monsieur! "
―The brother to Will.[src]

This man brought Will Turner halfway to the shores of Pelegosto but refused to bring him the remainder of the journey, saying that it was too dangerous. He was likely aware of the war-like and cannibalistic nature of the island's inhabitants. He was of Haitian heritage, as he spoke French and couldn't understand Will and vice versa.


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