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Shansa the witch
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"The price of crossing my door is blood, Captain."
"That explains why you're not so busy."
"Everyone pays, eventually.
―Shansa and Hector Barbossa[src]
Shansa was a sea witch who was activated in the Caribbean during 1751, helping people to find information through spells in exchange for "blood".[2]

Biography Edit

Early years Edit

Not much was known about Shansa except the fact that she was a sea witch. Over the years, she became popular and nearly legendary because of the rumors about her powers and abilities which allowed her to help pirates and others to know information about individuals.[3]It is known that Shansa used to say that the price to pass her door is blood and that everyone ended up paying, had a skeleton in her cell in St. Martin confirming that idea.

Sometime before 1751,[4] Shansa was condemned to hang and was saved by the notorious pirate Hector Barbossa, at that time known as the terror of the seas. Even though he couldn't pay her way out of jail, she turned her prison cell in St. Martin into a sanctum sanctorum, where she would devote herself to all kinds of magic. Barbossa would regularly visit her by bribing the guards, and she returned the favor by cursing his enemies.

After the notorious pirate, Jack Sparrow exchanged his famous compass for a bottle of rum, Shansa managed to obtain it in her cell through unknown means.

Quest of the Poseidon Trident Edit

As ships of his fleet were destroyed one by one by some mysterious enemy, The Capitan Barbossa visited Shansa again, hoping that she could solve the mystery for him. Immediately inside the cell, Shansa discovered that he feared that death would seize the sea, when Barbossa asked that he wanted death with him, she explained that they were searching for "a Sparrow" that wants to get the trident with a Girl and a "pearl." She warned him that if he wanted to survive, he must retire to the camp, since the dead can not tread the earth. Barbossa found ridiculous the idea of retiring while they were looking for treasure, declaring that he did not mind dying for a treasure, since he would always be a pirate. Despite Shansa's warnings, she gave up and ended up giving Barbossa the compass, not wanting to explain how she got it.[3]

Later, when Lieutenant Scarfield, moved by the wrath of finding the evildoers who ruined his reputation, went in search of Shansa, who willingly shows Scarfield the route to the Trident of Poseidon, where Henry, Carina, and Jack were headed, in exchange of him sparing her life.[5]

Personality and traitsEdit

Shansa was shrouded by mystery, rumored to have amazing supernatural powers and abilities which allowed her to help others find hidden information. She has one, long tattoo in Sanskrit swirling around her body, and wears a large bindi on her forehead, suggesting her to be a Hindu cultist. She was much like Tia Dalma, but much more mysterious and darker. Despite her mysterious nature, she was genuinely worried about Barbossa, when he said he was willing to die for a treasure.

Equipment and skills Edit

Shansa was rumored to be someone who possessed supernatural powers and abilities, which allowed her to find more and more information about other people, no matter if it was missing ones or the dead ones.

Behind the scenes Edit

  • Shansa was played by Golshifteh Farahani in Dead Men Tell No Tales.
  • Shansa is the second sea witch to appear in the film series, the first was Tia Dalma. However, Tia Dalma was not so sinister than Shansa was.
  • It's unknown whether it's on purpose or not, but every character who has had contact with Shansa finish dead, is probably due to as she says "The price of crossing my door is blood" and "Everyone pays, eventually". Hector Barbossa ended up sacrificing himself in order to kill Armando Salazar and Lieutenant John Scarfield ended up being crushed with the Silent Mary by Salazar.
  • How Shansa managed to recover Jack Sparrow's compass is unclear. The most aceptable theory is that she killed Grimes, the barman of Grimes Pub, who Jack sold his compass to acquire a bottle of rum. There is no official confirmation that this happened, however.
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Notes and referencesEdit

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