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Barbary Corsairs

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At World's End

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At World's End

"The Seref is Ammand’s flagship which he uses to torture the French in the Mediterrannean."

The Seref is a galley owned and captained by Ammand. She was part of the Brethren Court Armada during the battle of Calypso’s maelstrom.

Design and appearanceEdit

The Seref, a type of ship known as a Xebec, has three masts, each of them carries a lateen sail, and a great number of oars on each side. This impulse and her streamlined hull indicates that she must be quite fast. Unlike most galleys, she has no superstructure at the aft. Her hull is coloured dark gray with violet shades and her deck and the masts are brown. The sails were originally white but now they are gray from dirt and have some holes.


"Abandon ship! We are sinking fast!"
―Ammand, under the illusion that the Seref is sinking.[src]

Ammand on the Seref.

It’s unknown when or where Ammand obtained the Seref. But it is known that the Seref served as Ammand’s flagship since the 1730s. During the battle of Calypso's maelstrom the Seref was part of the Brethren Court's armada but was not directly involved into the fight like all other pirate ships except for the Black Pearl. The ship’s fate after the battle is unknown.

Behind the scenesEdit

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