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Jean Magliore
Constance Magliore


Sunk in a storm.

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The Coming Storm

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The Coming Storm


Sunk in a storm.

"Tumen and I were on the Seraph. I think we are the only survivors—the English don't teach their sailors to swim so well."
Jean Magliore[src]

The Seraph was a merchant ship in the Caribbean.


The Seraph was a ship. Among their crew were Tumen, Jean Magliore, and Constance Magliore. One day, when the ship was docked in Martinique, the infamous pirate Left-Foot Louis tried to steal the ship's cargo. Jean was able to alarm the crew and defeat them.

Later, the ship sank near Isla Esquelética. Everyone on the ship drowned except for Tumen, Jean, and Constance. Jean recalled the story later to Jack Sparrow, Fitzwilliam P. Dalton III, and Arabella Smith before joining the crew of the Barnacle.

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