Jack Sparrow surrounded with seagulls.

"Sir. The men—"
"They be dead already."
"They don't sound dead."
"Oh, is that so? Well I hear nothing but...seagulls. Nesting. What is it that you hear, Mr. Groves?"
"...Seagulls. Nesting. Nothing more.
Theodore Groves and Hector Barbossa[src]

Seagulls were any of several white seabirds, having long pointed wings and short legs.


When the crewmen from the Royal Fortune killed each other in a fight over the treasure of Dead Man's Cove, a seagull made a nest inside the hat of the killed pirate captain.[1]

The haunted waters of the Devil's Triangle were full of many dead creatures brought back to life as reanimated corpses. When the Spanish Royal Navy galleon the Silent Mary ended up trapped in the Triangle, she was slowly transformed into a ghost ship, a nightmarish vision always surrounded with a flock of undead seabirds.[2]

When Will Turner left a trail of bodies tied to barrels so that Cutler Beckett could follow the Black Pearl to Shipwreck Cove, the bodies attracted many hungry seagulls.[3]

When the crew of the HMS Providence were getting killed by mermaids, Hector Barbossa claimed that he only heard seagulls nesting.[4]

Dead Men Tell No Tales 04

An undead seagull frightens a pirate on the Red Dragon.

Several decades after her imprisonment in the Devil's Triangle the Silent Mary and her crew of pirate hunters managed to return to the Seven Seas as ghosts. The undead Spaniards continued their original mission, hunting pirates on the high seas, constantly followed by the undead seagulls.[2]


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