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Senor Villanueva

Señor Villanueva of Spain.

"Señor. You may call me Doña Pirata. I captain the frigate Venganza."
Esmeralda to Jack Sparrow[src]

Señor was a courtesy title used before the surname or full name of a man in a Spanish-speaking area. The female equivalent was señorita.


"I say, Diego, could you just reach in and grab that for me? I don't want to get my hands wet."
"No, señor!
You grab it! This is your quest!"
Jack Sparrow and Diego de Leon[src]

When Jack Sparrow and his crew accidentally summoned the ghost of Hernán Cortés, Jack politely called the undead conquistador señor.[1] He also called the fellow Pirate Lord Eduardo Villanueva señor. Esmeralda called Jack señor several times.[2] Diego de Leon, a member of Jack's crew, also called Jack señor on one occasion.[3]


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