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Scrum's sword
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On Stranger Tides

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Dead Men Tell No Tales

The sword favored by Scrum was a rusty weapon with a half-basket hilt that protected the hand.


At some point of his life, Scrum attained this sword by unknown means. By the time of the quest for the Fountain of Youth, Scrum was seen using this sword in several battles, particularly during Jack Sparrow's mutiny on the Queen Anne's Revenge, where he used it to face Blackbeard's zombies. He would keep the sword on his person for the rest of the journey through the island where the Fountain was located. Scrum used it during the battle for the Fountain of Youth, where he fought against some of Hector Barbossa's crewmen and confronted Jack Sparrow. This sword was last seen on Scrum's belt as he accepted Barbossa as his new captain.[1]

Scrum used his sword again during the Escape from Saint Martin, where he fought a Royal Marine, which he defeated with a punch, and later fought a large executioner with the sword. Scrum also used this sword to fight a cursed Silent Mary crewman, and was able to hold his own thanks to the sword. Its further fate currently remains unknown.

Design and usageEdit

Scrum's sword was a rusty weapon and had a half-basket hilt that protected the hand.[2]



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