Jack Fiddler's Green

Jack Sparrow and Sam

"Thanks, matey! I will help you reach the pirate lord, stand in the archway outside and you'll see. Good luck, Jack!"
―Sam to Jack Sparrow[src]

Sam was a pirate condemned by Captain Davy Jones to reside within Davy Jones' Locker for one hundred years.


Sam took to spending his time in the Fiddler's Green, a tavern within the confines of the Locker. He was, however, eventually banned from the establishment, and spent much of his time loitering outside.

He was approached one day by Jack Sparrow, searching for news of his fellow Pirate Lord, Gentleman Jocard. Sam informed Jack that Black Bart had kidnapped Jocard, and imprisoned him on his wrecked ship. In exchange for this information, Sparrow gave Sam several bottles of rum. [1]

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